Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Hope Is Found" by Joanne Bischof

" My Hope Is Found"  by Joanne Bischof  is definitely a  5 star novel. The  entire  "The Cadence Of Grace series is just wonderful.  After reading these books you are left with a feeling of " God's grace does cover all of our mistakes.  This series would make a great Christian movie. 

My Hope Is Found"is the third in"The Cadence Of Grace series.
  Lonnie has suffered lost and heartache all her lost and in this book she has decided to move on with her life and marry the new preacher in town Toby Mckee.   Toby knows that Lonnie is in love with Gideon, ( her one true love and the father of her son.Jacob).  But wants to prove to her that he loves her and Jacob and is willing to give her time to love him.  But once again her plans are put to the test! Why you may ask, because Gideon shows back up and claims that Cassie has finally set him free but there are problems he is trying to work out ( like having the papers signed saying he is no longer married( if you haven't read " Be Still My Heart" and " Through My Heart Is Torn" you are definitely missing some GOOD READING!  Gideon finally gets the paper signed but is it too late for him and Lonnie( I know the answer but not going to tell!  Remember Lonnie has become engaged to  Toby.  If you like a good fistfight bewteen 2 grown men fighting over a woman, well you are going to be happy to know that Toby and Gideon  has one! And I really like the outcome of that fight, ( but I'm not going to tell you that outcome either, I will tell you neither win Lonnie at the time.This series theme is the Biblical verse (James 1:2-3) and I will tell you that Gideon and Lonnie and even Toby has reason to practice  this verse( because they have plenty of trials .So are you team Gideon or team Toby! I know which I'm . But cannot tell you ! I hope whichever one you are when you get to the end I hope you aren't disappointed, I will tell you I wasn't! 

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Good review Debbie! I have not read this series yet but they are on my wish list!!

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