Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Pennsylvania Patchwork" by Kate Lloyd

"Pennsylvania Patchwork" by Kate Lloyd is another five star book for me. I was wanting to read this story because I had read "Leaving Lancaster".

This story picks up where "Leaving Lancastor" leaves off.  At the start of this novel Holly and Zach are going to get married, and Nathaniel and Esther are going to get married. But things quickly turn.
Two surprise vistors show up and make Holly and Esther doubt their future.  One of the visitors is there to make trouble for Zach, is she telling everyone the truth or only wanting to make Zach her's again. Zach's mother  and Esther and Holly's grandmother aren't happy that Holly and Zach are going to marry.

Larry,a friend from Seattle shows up with a ring for Holly! And Nathaniel's brother also tells Holly he wants to marry her. Which one is really the right one for Holly?

Nathaniel gets news too, that might hinder his and Esther's happiness too. Esther hopes that it is false news but then feels guilt that she wants this womanto not to be who everyone thinks she is.

What is to happen to these marriage plans? This book will keep you turning the pages to see.

There is also another mystery to unwrap. Esther receives a package that is supposed to have come from her husband that died in the war. But Samuel wouldn't have sent the gifts, or did he?

Holly and Esther also found out what is wrong with Anna.( the reason Esther and Holly came tio Lancaster in the first book of this trilogy) but will she accept the cure?

This book is book 2 but I believed if you didn't read the first book you will enjoy this one but I encourage you to read both.

Both books shows what forgiveness and faith is really like!

I received this book from David C.Cook and NetGallery for an honest review.


  1. Another great review! I have Leaving Lancaster and I want to read it soon. I hope to have a copy of, Pennsylvania Patchwork before I finish Leaving Lancaster so I can read them back to back.

    Judy B

  2. yes I liked reading them back to back