Friday, July 19, 2013

"Strength Renewed" by Shirley Corder

"Strength Renewed" by Shirley Corder gets 5 stars but I wish I could give it more.It is a fantastic book for cancer patients and survivors and their care givers and just anyone that needs encouragement. It is meditations on breast cancer but it will help with any issues people is dealing with.This book is so good that I am going to give  to my mom , ( who has Cancer) and I'm going to buy the  ebook so I can refer to it time and again. 

Shirey Corder is a fifteen year survivor of Breast cancer and this book is what she learned from her journey,  There are 90 daily devotions  that tells Shirley's Corder own story and after each story  she asked three questions and then she includes a little prayer. 

I am going to include two direct quotes from this book, for examples, as why I think this book is good for other issues as well as Cancer.
On page 120 "In the sermon on the Mount, Jesus pointed out that one day has all the problems we can cope with.We can't live tomorrow today. We don't have the strength, the courage, or even the faith to deal with the future, God promises to give us strength for today. When tomorrow comes, then he will supply what we need to get us through the challenges of that day too.  
Here is the prayer for this example " Lord God, thank you for bringing me this far, You know the worries and fears I have for the future. Help me to live for today-and trust you to give me the strength I'll need, when I need it. Thank you. Amen.

The next example is on page 183 " Dark colors are essential to any tapestry or painting. Without them, there would be no picture. A frame that contains no color is simply a black shape. Our lives are not black shapes, nor are they kaleidoscopes. They are beautiful, orderly designs meant to show God's glory. No matter how black things appear right now, the light and dark shapes eventually blend together. Take heart. Brighter colors are coming."

The prayer "Thank you, Lord, that there's a reason for times of dark as well as of gaiety and beauty. Help me to concentrate on the now and trust you with the final outcome. Amen."

Of course these quotes are explained in the book but to me they offer hope as well as the whole book.
I don't usually included links to where you can a buy unless it is required by the one who gave me the book for the review but in this case I am  because the book is that great!
as well as other online sites like Amazon and etc.

I received this book from to read and post my honest opinion.

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