Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Book Club that is Not Only a book club

I just got done with an online live book club. It was with the best group of friends known as The Whoopie Pie Book Club. I wish I could meet and give each of these special girls and a few guys a hug. These members are available for prayer and support and advice. I am so honor to be a part of this great club, and some days I feel like we are more family than friends.  I sometimes feel that I ask for more than my share of prayers but these members have assured me that we all need prayers and that is what friends are for.  The authors that are in this group are a great bunch of friends too.


  1. You mean we aren't family? Love having you as a member of the WPBC!!! Congrats on your new Blog!!!!

    ~ Whoopie Pie Pam ~

  2. we are an awesome and humble group :) love the new blog, and the picture is awesome!