Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Hope Springs Springs Christmas by Patricia Davids

"A Hope Springs Christmas" by Patricia Davids gets 5 stars from me.This story made me want to cry and laugh and it almost made me want to grab a couple of teenage boys and shake so sense into them.  This story is the 7th in the Brides Of Amish Country, but it can also be a stand alone novel but after reading this one I want to read all the rest and in the notes at the back of the book the authors writes  that she hopes more stories are coming to this series. Sarah (Amish) is a widow who has used her job to keep the depression away at Christmas time but this year she isn't working due to the shop owner closing it for a few months. Her neighbor Grace Beachy wants to marry Henry Zook but is afraid to leave her brothers Levi and the twins Moses and Atlee, because their parents are both dead and she feels like they need her.  Levi was a friend of Sarah's husband and on Jonas's death bed agreeds to watch over Sarah till she remarries but Levi wants to move to the mountains.  Sarah tells Grace to go visit her grandmother and think about what she wants. Grace agreeds to go but not before she asks Sarah to find Levi a wife. Sarah trys to and ends up falling in love with him herself. Levi is a buggy maker and the twins are always pulling jokes and pranks. One of their pranks causes Levi and Sarah to admit their love to each other but not before it is almost too late. Levi made plans to move to the mountain. But once again love wins.

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