Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Journaling With Jesus How to draw Closer To God

I have just finished reading "Journaling with Jesus How To Draw Closer To God"by Carol Round. And I give it 5 stars. I am excited to start on this journey. I am a Christian but my prayer life is a struggle. I have trouble knowing what to say when I try to pray but  the book has helped me realize that   all prayer  is just communion with our Heavenly Father. The author gives examples of people who have kept a prayer journal for many years and how it has shown them how God has worked in their life and how they have grown spiritually.  She gives points for starting and the why of keeping a prayer journal.  She tells the benefits of keeping a prayer journal.  Our Heavenly Father wants communion with us and prayer is just talking to Him. The benefits are you will begin to see what is holding you back from becoming the person God wants you to be and you can tell our Heavenly Father anything you are feeling even if it is anger because he already knows. She tells the reader how to start a prayer journal and the tools we need. There are questions in the book to get us started. There is even a companion workbook to go with the book. Carol Round asks the reader to sign a contract in the back of the book to take a 40 day challenge. Yes I am going to sign it and start my prayer journal tomorrow, and hopefully I will be a better communicator with my Saviour and a better Christian. Hopefully I will remember to update this review at the end of the 40 days. This book and the workbook was given to me by the author for a honest review

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