Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is It Okay!

I have a question for you all today! I just download 3 free audiobooks. I got a code to download one from an author who wanted me to do a review. I seen where you could download the free apt on your iPad and I couldn't seem to get it to work so I called the company and they wanted me to join their gold club and I told them not as this time but then they offered me a free 30 day membership so I said okay knowing that I was going to cancel before the 30 days was up. With this membership you get a free audiobook so I was  looking at the site trying to download the book for the author and seen where I had  credit for 2 more books so I downloaded them. Now I feel like I shouldn't have downloaded the other books but I also feel like the guy I was talking to on the phone know I was going to cancel before the 30 days because I kept asking him when the free membership was up. So I was just wondering how many of you take advantage of things like this and if it is right for a christian to do so. The books I got are "Angels At The Table" by Debbie Macomber and "With Every Letter" by Sarah Sundin. I am sure if I could afford the 7.49 a month I would keep the membership for the one free book each month but I cannot fit it into my budget at this this, I like to eat also (lol). That is why I like to do the reviews for books even if my reviews don't measure up to all the other reviews outthere in bloggerland.


  1. i think it is perfectly acceptable. if they don't want you to have free credits during the trial, they wouldn't offer them

  2. you are right I just feel guilty all the time

  3. I too think that you did nothing to feel guilty about. Since they offered the free credits during the trial period I say enjoy!

    You worry too much Debbie and you are way to hard on yourself. There is nothing wrong with your reviews!!