Thursday, December 27, 2012


 Now that Christmas is over and I taking the tree down today here  is my blog for the day! Gifts are great! But my thought upon waking up today was that gifts are just tokens! I think people need another person sometimes to be willing to give of themselves, like a smile or a hug or maybe just a  prayer and sometimes  they need you to tell them "I'm sorry" or "I forgive you" even when they don't ask you to forgive them. People are always trying to buy things for others when sometimes what is needed is a little one on one with each other. I think things that cost you nothing financially are the best gifts such as giving up the chair you are sitting in for someone else or letting someone choose the tv show to watch. Or do something for someone and not let them know who done it! Oh before anyone gets to thinking I don't like gifts that cost something financially I do but the other gifts are great too! The other gifts are available all the time and do not required money or alot of time or pretty paper. And they are easier to give the more you practice them and these types of gifts most of the time don't get broke or thrown away or put in a closet and forgotten. I know that some that receive these kinds of gifts will not accept or appreciate them but I really believe that most will and in return will pass them on to others. So with that say I will close this blog and repent once again be a blessing to someone! And remember that JESUS was and will always be the best gift EVER!

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