Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Month of Being Thankful

This is the list of things I was thankful for each day in November of 1212. This way I can keep a record and be mindful of all I have when I start to feel down.

Day 1 I'm thankful that God is no respecter of persons and that he included me when Jesus died on the cross.

Day 2 I'm thankful for my Grandma Sadie Steele, who showed unselfish love, I miss you Grandma and will see you again someday in Heaven.

Day 3 Today I am thankful for a nice warm place to live

Day 4 Today I am thankful for my family, husband, mom, children, grandchildren and sisters and nieces and nephews and the whole clan

Day 5 Today I am thankful for friends, the ones in real life and the ones I have never met like Jane Wittenbrink Reeves, Pamela Jarrell-Whoopie Pie Place and all the Whoopie Pie Book club friends and Laura Ethridge and all the others, you know who you are, if I mention them all this post would be too long.k I have to mention a few more friends I haven't meant but who friendships mean a lot Deborah Spaulding and Ken LaLonde and more if I didn't mention your name it wasn't because I don't valve you , I DO  I JUST HAVE SO MANY FRIENDS

Day 6 "Today I am thankful for computers and ereaders and yes(i know some will think I am crazy) but I am thankful that there is facebook so I can keep in touch with friends that I couldn't otherwise!"

Okay ... You all knew this was going to be on the list so I will use it today! 
Day 7 I am thankful for books to read whether they be print or ebooks

Day 8 I have 5 things I am thankful for today: A husband that works so I don't have to and a daughter Gala Kierbach and a son-in-law that knows more about electronics than I do so when I have a question about my computer I can call her and who gave me two wonderful granddaughters Jordin and Tori. And a son Joseph Curto and a daughter-in-law who gave me a grandson Weston.

Day 9 I am thankful for a partially clean house, I say partially because it means my house is lived in and hopefully when people come to visit me they are comfortable and not have to worry about not messing up a spotfree house. With that said my house is clean, sometimes things like toys are out and things like that but it is still clean

Day 10 I am thankful for music for music can always help ease the troubled soul, it expresses thing you feel but cannot say.And you can enjoy music everywhere, even in the sound of falling rain, a rippling brook,etc

Day 11 Today I thankful for the veterans and that they fight to give us freedom to worship as we want!

DAY 12 Today I am thankful that I had a stepfather that cared and supported us in whatever we tried to do. I miss you Francis Roberts! Thank you for being the dad and the grandfather you didn't have to be

Day 13 I am thankful for my mother. She has been there for me when I really needed her. Happy birthday Patsy Roberts, love you

DAY14 well this one is going to be hard to write but do to my last post just a minute ago I have to say I am thankful that God saved me from all my suicide attempts and loved me enough to let me see Gala and Joe grow up and let me become a grandmother, and I can never tell them enough how sorry I am for all the past hurts I have caused them. I know there will be people saying I should put this on Facebook but if it helps just one person not to try it or to succeed than I am not sorry I posted this. Love you all (family and friends and strangers because strangers are just friends I haven't met.
Day 15 today I am thankful that I slept all night, didn't wake up till it was time to get up. Isn't sleep a wonderful thing!

Day 16 I am thankful for a washing machine and clean clothes and that I don't have to go to the laundry mat

Day 17 I am thankful that Our God is always there to call on and that there are people willing to be use by Him

Day 18 Church

Day 19 I am thankful that I can see and hear and walk, and the doctors that make that possible, yes I have glasses and knee implants but in all I am healthy

Day 20 I am thankful for Siri on iPad, I know such a silly thing to be thankful for but I am."

Day 21 I am thankful I am can worship God freely

Day 22 I am thankful for Today, because today is another opportunity to get it right and make someone else's load a little lighter, even if it a smile or a hug!

Day 23 I am thankful for a fan, I know that is a funny thing to be thankful for, but last night my house was still so warm from the oven that I sleep with a fan blowing on me, but of course now I'm coughing and stuff but I'm did sleep last night"

"it is only 24 degrees today! I don't like the cold but it better than having snow and ice. Ok that will be what I'm thankful for today! Day 24, I am thankful that there is no snow or ice today"

Day 25 Today I am Thankful for crockpots: Carl is putting a roast with potatoes and carrots in ours before we go to church so when we get home dinner will be already cooking"

Day 26 Thankful that some of my Christmas Shopping is done and am glad for a day spent with my daughter

"I know this is early but I am going to go ahead and do tomorrow post
Day 27 I am thankful that mom's cancer is in remission and that I can talk to her on the phone!"

"Day 28 Thankful for 2 days of safe and fun traveling to Springfield for Christmas shopping!"

Day 29 I am thankful for Mailman and policemen and fireman and nurses and doctors and teachers and anyone that spend and or risk their lives everyday to help others.

Day 30 I am thankful that there are others who are willing to go the extra mile for others and not always think of themselves above others.


Anonymous said...

haha i was going to pull all my thankfuls from last month as well and put them together. great minds think alike i guess ;)

Debbie Curto said...
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Debbie Curto said...

I guess so and I'm glad to be in your company