Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is this Anything New Or Does It Have A Purpose?

I am not sure where this going but I just felt like I wanted to put my thoughts down, I am really saddened by all the killings lately and they just seem to be keep happening. Just 5 minutes  ago I heard on the tv about a woman in St.Louis that was murdered. And I asked myself "Is this anything new or is there a purpose to it all"? Well I have no answer to the purpose except that maybe it is to show us that we need Jesus and that He is our only hope and has always been our only hope. But the Is this anything new question has a answer of no, it is not new. Even the first family in the Bible had a murder. Cain murder his brother over jealously. Wow after writing that, the thought came who can we blame that on there was no guns (at least I don't think so) and video games and tv (that I do ) and .the newest thing I saw on Facebook today,Psychiatric drugs ( I know they didn't have them). And all through history killings and attacks were committed and even Herod wanted to kill Jesus because he wanted to be the only king. I think the reason  they happened then and still happening today is because of Sin and people don't want  to admit they need to obey Jesus. Oh I know all the other things do help the sin to be committed. And all the things I have and haven't mentioned used to commit these killings and attacks are also used to for the good. There are good and bad in everything. And I believe that when 1 person is murdered (regardless of the cause  or who or how the method) Jesus is saddened. And I believed that when a person dies regardless of the reason or how (whether sickness or murder or accident) if that person has Jesus in his heart he is in a much better place and Jesus has welcomed home. And as you can see I am not placing blame on anyone or anything but SIN.  And yes I do believe that when we sin we need to accept our  responsibility and yes I know things can influence us and cause us to do wrong but that is why there is a Saviour whose name is Jesus. And before anyone gets to thinking I think I am better than anyone else, I KNOW I'M NOT. I SIN TOO 

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