Saturday, December 8, 2012


My blog today is about books and why they are my best friends, Bookworms understand my love for reading and books are among their best friends also. Why are books my best friends?  Anyone that reads will know the reasons before I write them down. The first reason is a very simple one, books are always available when you what them, (24 hours of the day every day).  The next reason is books let you use them and don't want anything in return. Books even let you loan them out to your other friends and don't complain about the abuse.  Sometimes books help you explain what you are feeling when your own words just don't explain enough. Books can help you escape into another world when your own is just too much stress or drama. Books can help you have adventures when your own world is just not exciting enough, Books can even teach you things ( good and bad) you wouldn't know or even thought of you hadn't read them. I have been told I read too much but I think that is just someone's opinion that doesn't have a love for reading! I don't know how someone can watch tv as much as they do. So you see I guess it all depends on who is doing the activity and how it is viewed. I remember my grandma telling me that I loved looking at books when I was still in the crib and I never torn them up. She said I had a love for books from the first book I ever held in my hands. So I guess I can say I have been faithful to my best friends.  Books never get jealous because you spend time with another book or even if you spend time doing another activity like watching tv or cleaning house or sleeping. Books are ready to start back up where you left them or to start anew.  Books are ready to take a trip ( with you being car boat or just outside at a moment's notice and no complaining that you woke them up either . So with all these reason and more why wouldn't I want books to be my best friends.

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