Monday, December 10, 2012

A Christmas for Katie

"A Christmas for Katie" by Shelley Shepard Gray gets 5 stars from me. This is just a short story about Katie Weaver who was a live nativity this Christmas in front of the library. She is 6  and a half years old. The librarian Jayne didn't want anything to do with  it. Katie believing it was because she had a broken heart because her uncle John had broken up with her prays that God sends her a man to fall in love with. Then a new man walks into the library right at closing  time and then there is a scream and they find an elderly lady laying on the ground. And a wiseman is missing from the nativity set and then more pieces are missing. It's a good thing the new stranger is the sheriff of the town. Ella, Katie's aunt is pregnant and has trouble and Katie believes it is her fault but everything does work out in the end. I love the ending. Do they ever find the missing pieces of the nativity and does Kate get her live nativity, you will have to read the book to find out. This story is a novella based on the characters from the Families of  Honor series

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